Pancakes in Dunshaughlin, Meath

Some highlights from our current menu

What’s on the menu this month?

Here at Plate & Palette, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into ensuring each item on our menu is crafted to perfection. In order to do this, we’ve spent hours upon hours behind the scenes trying out various new flavor combinations. Admittedly, there is a good amount of trial and error involved, but nothing worth doing is ever easy, eh?

So, to help get your appetite going, we’ve put together a short list featuring a few highlights from our current menu.


In our opinion, no breakfast menu is complete with the all-time classic, tried and tested Full Irish Breakfast. This staple of our diet here in Ireland was originally created in order to feed hard working farmers, who were in need of enough energy to see them through their days work. Here at Plate & Palette, our version of the full Irish includes two locally sourced sausages, two pieces of crispy smoked bacon, black pudding and your choice of either a fried or poached egg. To seal the deal, we serve each of our Full Irish breakfasts with our delicious garlic home fries and a slice of toast.

As well as our delicious full Irish, we’ve also perfected our own version of the ‘Mac Muffin’. First, we toast a breakfast muffin, then fill it with our sausage patty, add some crispy bacon, a softly fried egg and finish it off by adding some American cheese. The result of all this is one of the most mouth-watering creations available here at Plate & Palette. We strongly recommend trying one for yourself.

Full Irish Breakfast, Dunshaughlin - Meath


We are mad about brunch here at Plate & Palette! So much so that we recently published a blog all about brunch which is available to read by following this link. As a result, we’ve spent a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that our brunch menu is amongst the best out there.

Perhaps one of the most famous brunch dishes available anywhere is avocados on toast, and here at Plate & Palette we passionately believe that any self-respecting café should include this on their menu. As a result, we’ve crafted what we believe to be the perfect recipe for this classic brunch dish. To get things going we take a slice of toasted bloomer bread, add our smashed avocado, garlic leaves and of course, poached eggs. Finally, to seal the deal we add our homemade tomato salsa, crumbly feta cheese and our own homemade spiced yoghurt.

Another brunch creation of ours here at Plate & Palette is our potato hash. This delectable combination is designed to keep your palette on its toes and is one of the most popular items on our menu. This whirlwind of flavor consists of crispy potato hash, coupled with black pudding and garlic rocket. From there we add homemade red onion marmalade, two soft poached eggs and some generous shavings of fresh parmesan cheese. For the sauces we’ve gone with hot sriracha and our roasted garlic aioli.

To see what else is currently on offer here at Plate & Palette, why not check out our full menu using the link below.

We look forward to seeing you soon!