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Coffee? – To Ice or Not to Ice

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide, behind only water and tea in terms of how much of it consumed on a yearly basis. In fact, the coffee industry globally is worth a mouth-watering $465.9 billion. For many of us, a good cup of coffee is an integral part of our morning ritual. But how did coffee go from being a little-known delicacy to the third most consumed beverage on earth? From its origins in the highlands of Ethiopia to the gradual emergence of coffee houses in Western Europe in the 16th & 17th centuries, the history of coffee is one that stretches across the globe.

However, ‘coffee culture’ as it is known today can trace its roots back to far more recent developments. For instance, the introduction of the espresso machine gave coffee drinkers far more variety when it came to experimenting with coffee and seeking out new flavor combinations. As well as this, coffee has become something we often enjoy with our friends and family, making it far more than simply a drink, but a social occasion. 

Iced Drink in a cafe in meath

Here at Plate & Palette we are super passionate about our coffee and take great pride in ensuring every cappuccino, latte or americano we make here is the best you can find anywhere in Dunshaughlin, Meath, and even beyond! This means that we use only the finest quality coffee beans available and treat every cup as if it’s the most important cup we’ll ever make. This doesn’t mean that we’re afraid to get creative when it comes to our coffee. 

Is there anything more satisfying than the perfect iced coffee?

Perhaps one of the key reasons why coffee is consistently popular is due to how versatile it is. During the warmer summer months, the demand for refreshing iced coffee skyrockets. Whether it is an iced latte, iced cappuccino, or a decadent iced mocha, iced coffee offers the perfect alternative to those looking for their coffee fix in the sweltering Not only do iced coffees taste absolutely amazing, but they are the perfect way to cool down and relax. But surely iced coffee is a recent phenomenon?

When did iced coffee start?

Surprisingly, the earliest records of people enjoying an iced coffee can be traced back to the 1840’s when French soldiers at the battle of Mazagran had run out of milk and made the choice to drink cold coffee. Fast forward a couple of centuries and iced coffee has become a staple of coffee menus throughout the world. There are a number of reasons why iced coffee has become so popular. Firstly, when the sun shines, many of us simply cannot fathom the idea of drinking a hot coffee. Secondly, iced coffee is simply delicious!